4th of Sept 2023 :
a nice article and report about my last solo gig in Lyon :

29th of Aug 2023 :
Starting a new duo project with Fabrice Tarel (piano) : dates here

25 of Aug 2023 :
I had the opportunity to play my first solo concert last week in Lyon !
presse article :

27 of April 23 : My new single is out :

25th Feb 23 : new video out :

24 th Feb 23 : new release !

Feb 23 : I’ll be performing as a guest with the Leo Geller trio at the Alternatibar the 25th and the 3rd of March at Les Monts de Jazz

Janv 23 : I followed a professionnal training course on Ableton Live with Nicolas Saffray at the CSFM Center Lyon !

Nov 22 : I had the chance to collaborate to this album released by Marius Kikteff, an amazing young musician from Rhône-Alpes area :

Blacksad : from the comic book to the audio version

I’ve been part as composer, arranger and performer of the creation of the soundtrack of the Blacksad audio version.

Limited Edition of the audio series available HERE

European Economic and Social Committee :
I had the opportunity to share my experience during the covid lockdown as an European artist living in France.

more info : :

Oct. 22 : new video with MB Quatre saxophone quartet

Rampone & Cazzani partnership

I released this video to present my gears and Italian saxophone factory Rampone & Cazzani !

2022 : I finished to memorize and transcribe this masterpiece …! (contact me for a PDF version of the Tristano solo transcription)

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